Bejuco Connects and Empowers Communities,

Highlighting Environmental and Educational activities.  

The Creative Learning School 

Support Environmental Education

Our Collaborators:

Together we are stronger. Working with other like-minded nonprofits, Bejuco encourages resource exchanges, collaborations, skill shares and infinite brainstorming. View our projects to see how they are involved! 

Honey Project
Para La Naturaleza
Crossing Thresholds

 About our mission

Advocating for existing communities, Bejuco's Team works to understand and support local power. 

Emphasizing the importance of environmental education, Bejuco teams up with Schools on Puerto Rico, connecting them to the resources they need.

Bejuco's diverse network of resources includes educators, community centers, international donors, volunteers, and skilled mentors.

The work that Bejuco does to support its projects is detailed and sensitive to the unique needs of each project. In 2019 Bejuco reconstructed a library and highlighted a local muralist at the Creative Learning School. At a local community center, Centro Zen de Puerto Rico, Bejuco launched a community garden, an after school program and will be constructing a community library in 2021. Read more details about each of our projects and our upcoming work. 

We are committed to advocating for the Schools of Puerto Rico and the environment. Our projects develop as a point of intersection for the younger generation and the natural landscape of Puerto Rico. If you are interested in getting involved as a resource, and learning how your skills can translate into action, contact us. 

Our Projects' Funding Goals

The Creative Learning School:

Help us reconstruct a school and launch a composting program and seed garden!

Centro Zen de Puerto Rico:

Donate to build our community library and garden at Centro Zen de Puerto Rico!